El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors Special Meeting February 23, 2023

I am Homeowner X and this commentary is in regard to the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors Special Meeting which occurred Thursday at 7:00 P.M. Mountain Time, February 23, 2023.

The text and images on the webpage correspond with the video at the top of the page, so if you watch the video you don't also have to read the page. However, I invite you to read it anyway. Analyze the facts on your own and let me know of any flaws in my analysis.

I am not an attorney and do not profess to be the smartest person in the subdivision. If I make a mistake it is my responsibility to make any and all corrections necessary, even if that means apologizing to someone that I detest.

I've never done anything like this, and there's no roadmap for bringing HOA issues to people's attention. If you search the internet you'll find lots of angry rants against various HOA's, some better than others, but nothing I have found is substantial. I understand the frustration and anger of trying to deal with unreasonable and dishonest people who have managed to get a position on an HOA Board or committee. My first attempts at addressing these issues was pretty much the same, angry, disjointed ranting into the endless void of the internet.

I'll tell you right now, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I am learning an array of technologies in my renewed effort at communicating the varied and numerous problems of the Association. I am also trying to dissociate myself from the anger resulting from the mistreatment of my family and myself by the Association and their friends. We've experienced discrimination, outright hostility, defamation and even racism. I can prove those claims in court. I'm probably not doing the greatest job in the anger management department, but I am working on it.

What I can promise is that I'll improve. This website, these videos and the analyses of the Association's Board, committees and documents will improve. I will get better at discovering and communicating these issues.

To watch this video without commentary, go to the Meetings section of the website and review the archives meeting page, those versions are uncut and contain no commentary.

Now, to the matter at hand, the Board of Directors Special Meeting. I want to start of with an observation or two.

If your weakness is truth, as in people knowing the truth about you and things you've done, you are not the good guy. If you think anything you do as an Officer or Director of the Association should be kept secret, you have some serious issues regarding honesty and integrity. Nothing about the Association should be secret from the members. Nothing.

Also, I fail to see the point in a supposed group of leaders who collude beforehand to predetermine the outcome of a vote or the meeting. Those discussions are supposed to occur during the meeting for a reason. When there is no dissent, no questions and everyone inherently votes for against in lockstep, something is wrong. A good Director or Officer of the Association should ask questions and should make decisions based on what they see, hear and believe during the meeting, and not because they were told to vote a certain way.

Another issue I have is that Richard Doyle incessantly complains that they are unpaid volunteers. Anyone who feels that way should quit, because the positions they actively sought to gain are unpaid positions with a lot of responsibility. Campaigning for a position on the Board and then complaining about its responsibility is pretty stupid and demonstrates a lack of character and honesty.

Besides, they seem to have figured out ways to benefit from their roles on the Board. Some better than others, like Chavez not paying dues, or Doyle and Tadeo getting free trash service for yoears through Trost.

Homeowner X comments on the Special Meeting of the El Mirador Homeowners Board of Directors occurring Thursday, February 23, 2023..

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