March 3, 2020 Minutes of Annual Meeting, El Mirador Homeowners Association

Approved Minutes of the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting, February 3, 2020These are the approved meeting minutes for the Annual Meeting of the El Mirador Homeowners Association, Inc. which occurred on March 3, 2020.

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ANNUAL MEETING – Santa Teresa Volunteer Fire Station

MARCH 03, 2020 - Minutes

Board of Directors President Richard Doyle started informational part of meeting at 7:08 pm.

In attendance were: Board of Directors: Richard Doyle, Timothy Harder, David Chavez, Jr., Joaquin Tadeo, Linda Corley, and Ventura Pena. Absent: Isaac Harder. Others in attendance: Charles Jankel, Henry Trost, Sue Hinker, Chris Ware, David Hefner, Jesse Proctor, Luis Chavez, Maria Chacon, Jose Rueda, Elmer Ford, ******* ******* and *** *******. Guests in attendance were: Dona Ana County Sheriff Kim Stewart and Alan Barbosa of the Anthony Sheriff's Office; Josh Orozco representing the Border Industrial Association and the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority; Gadsden Independent School District President of the Board, Jennifer Viramontes, Superintendent Travis Dempsey and Santa Teresa High School Principal Nicholas Wohlgemuth.


Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office
Presentation from The Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office was given by Sheriff Kim Stewart who honored our Community with her presence. It has been many years since we have had a County Sheriff take the time to attend one of our meetings. Sheriff Stewart reported on the effort she and her staff have put into bringing the Sheriff’s Office (SO) up to par. While still short on manpower, the SO has made great strides upgrading radio communication and computer systems.
CRRUA. Mr. Joshua Orozco, a Member of the Board of Directors for CRRUA, informed us that the quality of water provided by CRRUA meets all State and Federal standards and is safe to drink. Testing of our water is done on an ongoing basis. An arsenic treatment system has been in place for several years. For additional information visit the CRRUA website: Mr. Orozco reported that growth continues to take place at the Santa Teresa Industrial Park with several companies from China having relocated and others exploring the possibility of opening facilities in Santa Teresa. He stated that it was still unknown what the impact of the newly identified pandemic would have on operations or expansion.
ST Fire Department. – Mr. Wayne Massey, Chief of the local Volunteer Fire Department gave a brief presentation. He pointed out the large area served by STFD, it includes the Industrial Park. He invited everyone to join them for their annual Breakfast fundraiser. We will announce when the next one is scheduled.
GISD. A special thanks to Jennifer Viramontes, Chair of School Board for the Gadsden Independent School District for her presentation at our Annual Meeting. She was accompanied by Superintendent Travis Dempsey and Santa Teresa High School Principal Nicholas Wohlgemuth who also made some remarks. Thanks to their leadership the quality of education in the entire District rates amongst the best in the State of New Mexico.

Business Meeting: President Richard D. Doyle called the meeting to order at 8:11pm

Board President Richard D. Doyle gave an overview of the fiscal year 2019-2020.

  • He started out by thanking the Board of Directors for the time and effort that put into maintaining and improving the quality of life and property values in our Community. He also thanked all volunteers who help out throughout the Community. He encourages everyone to become more involved in our Community, serving in some capacity.
  • 5 Properties were sold in the past 12 months; an indication that our Community remains a desirable place to call home. One home is in the process of being sold.
  • The Design Review Committee has been busy at work reviewing change requests from Owners; quite a few Owners have made or are making improvements to their properties. In addition, they continue to review the Design Review Guidelines and recommend changes. In August of 2019 they recommended an addition to the Guidelines addressing the issue of drones. Those changes were approved by the Board of Directors with a few changes and were recorded with the Dona Ana County Clerk’s Office in September and became effective October 1. 2019.
  • Major improvements have been made to the Common Area. Plumbing that was leaking has been repaired saving us all money and water consumption. Major pruning of growth has and is occurring. A special thank you to the volunteers who are assisting with overhaul of the Common Area irrigation system and other improvements.
  • The Neighborhood Watch Committee has been busy at work in keeping our Community safe. There is a dedicated group of people that regularly walk the streets and other Common Areas during the day and others who drive around the Community at night that keep an eye on what’s going on. We can always utilize more volunteers in the effort. We look forward to partnering with the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office in their Community policing efforts.
  • At the last Annual Meeting of the Members a $20 raise in Regular Dues was approved. This enabled the Association to set aside $15,000 for Street Repairs or other emergencies during the past year. All tax returns and required reports were completed in a timely manner. Actions have been taken to ensure that liens are filed when Owners become delinquent on their accounts.
  • The Oktoberfest held in October was one of the best, attendance wise, over 30% of Owners participated. Some of the challenges currently facing the Association are:
  • Infrastructure in our Common Areas is over 30 years old and is starting to show wear and tear. It will take time and money to make necessary improvements.
  • Compliance with and enforcement of Covenants is a never-ending challenge. There is a very small percentage of Owner’s that keep the Board and some Committees very busy. He thanked the over 90% that comply, we appreciate your cooperation in making our community a pleasant place to live.
  • The budget approved for 2020-2021 projects a loss of over $20,000. This is mostly due to a $15,000 expenditure for street repairs and a substantial increase in budget for legal fees to deal with compliance issues with one Owner. It is conceivable that the Board may have to increase quarterly dues during the year, or postpone Street Repairs for another year or two. We will be monitoring income versus expenses very closely.
  • Board of Directors Election:

  • A total of 25 Ballots for election of Board of Directors were submitted. Jose Rueda and Elmer Ford counted ballots and reported to the body the results of the count.
  • All seven (7) persons (David Chavez, Jr., Linda Corley, Richard Doyle, Ventura Pena, Isaac Harder, Timothy Hinker and Joaquin Tadeo) on Ballot received over 50% of votes cast; in addition, Elmer Ford received five (5) write in votes.
  • Election of Officers and Committee Chair appointments will be held at the next Board of Directors meeting scheduled for March 23, 2020.

  • General discussion was held on a variety of subjects.

  • Owners on South Trevino Road expressed concern that they are not getting their monies worth from dues paid. Main concern being that monies were appropriated for maintenance and repair for Avenida Mirador, Puesta Mirador and Ocaso Mirador but not for South Trevino Road. They also expressed concerns about a drone flying over and near their properties. Members of the Board explained that the Association does not own Trevino Road.
  • Mr. ****** *******, representative for ******* ******* expressed concerns and commented on various issues.

  • The meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm.
    Minutes prepared by David Chavez, Jr.

    Approved Minutes of the El Mirador Homeowners Association Annual Meeting, March 3, 2020