January 31, 2021 Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, El Mirador Homeowners Association.

Approved Minutes of the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting, February 3, 2020These are the approved meeting minutes for a Board of Directors Meeting of the El Mirador Homeowners Association, Inc. which occurred on January 31, 2021.

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El Mirador Common Area – January 31, 2021

Board of Directors President Richard Doyle called meeting to order at 2:04 pm.

Board of Directors in attendance: David Chávez, Jr., Richard Doyle, Joaquin Tadeo and Ventura Peña. Absent: Linda Corley.

Homeowners in attendance were: Daryl Medlock, Timothy Navrkal, Henry Trost, Diane Durham, F. Charles Jankel, ******* ******* and ****** *******, Greg and Margaret Bosse, Robert and Mariel Gómez, Raul and Maria Chacón, Luis Chávez, Eddie Montes, Fernando and Gloria Ramírez.

A moment of silence was held in honor of Ned and Wilda Abraham. Mr. David Chávez, Jr. commented that the Abrahams were some of the first residents in El Mirador. Mr. Abraham served on the Board and was one of the first Treasurers.

Minutes - Minutes for Meetings of February 3, 2020 and March 3, 2020 were presented by Secretary/Treasurer David Chávez, Jr. Motion made by Joaquin Tadeo, seconded by Ventura Peña to approve minutes; minutes approved unanimously.

– David Chávez, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer presented Financial Report for the period January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Mr. Chávez also presented the Board of Directors with a list of delinquent accounts as of 01/31/2021. Some comments were made and questions asked regarding the $15K expenditure for legal fees.

Neighborhood Watch – Mr. Ventura Peña, Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair, continues to monitor the community. Mr. Peña has contacted several Owners who continue to park on the street overnight.

Design Review Committee – Mr. Henry Trost, DRC Chair, presented a written report on Design Review Committee Actions for 2020.

Common Area Oversight – Henry Trost, Common Area Maintenance Contractor gave a report of the Common Area. With the guidance of Linda Corley, Common Area Oversight Committee Chair and horticulturist, he is removing plants that are not native. This should make maintenance of the common area (other than the greens) more manageable.

Homes for Sale – There was one (1) property for sale as of the date of the meeting (28 South Treviño Road). Sale was in progress.

Homes Sold – Seven (7) properties were sold since the last meeting: 12 South Treviño (Hahn sells to Rodriguez); 19 Ocaso Mirador (Harder sells to Mora); 104 Avenida Mirador (Harp sells to Ramirez); 221 Avenida Mirador (Hinker sells to Kligman); 304 Avenida Mirador (Proctor sells to Cadena); 325 Avenida Mirador (Azzam sells to Soriano Zamora); 340 Avenida Mirador (Ballesteros sells to Holguin).

New Business
Proposed Budget for 2021-2022
was presented to the Board of Directors, copies were distributed to Owners in attendance. Mr. David Chavez, Jr., pointed out the following increases to the budget: (1) an increase in legal fees; (2) an increase in accounting fees in order to have a CPA perform an audit, review or compilation as now required by the New Mexico HOA Act of 2019 and (3) $15,000 for Common Repairs (namely phase 1 of repairs to the irrigation system). After review and discussion by the Board of Directors, Joaquin Tadeo moved, seconded by David Chávez, Jr. to approve the budget as submitted. The motion was approved unanimously.

Raise Threshold for Filing of Liens – David Chávez, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer recommended that the threshold for filing of liens be raised from $500 to $720. The $500 threshold was approved when dues were $120/quarter or $480/year. Dues are now $180/quarter or $720/year. Once an account exceeds $720.00, a lien will be filed. Ventura Peña moved to approve the change, second by Joaquin Tadeo. Motion was approved unanimously.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association will hold the Annual Meeting via ZOOM. Joaquin Tadeo presented information on procedures and logon. Additional information will be sent in the Notice of Annual Meeting.

Candidates for Board of Directors – Mr. Doyle reported that he had received notice from all five (5) incumbent Members of the Board of their intent to seek reelection. Margaret Bosse and Luis Chávez informed the Board that they would like to be placed on the Ballot.

Public comment/questions Several subjects were brought up during this period. They included common area trash being placed in resident’s garbage cans, cameras, lighting, flag poles, new housing going up in the area.

Next Meeting: Annual Meeting, Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 7:00pm via Zoom.

Adjournment – David Chávez, Jr moved, seconded by Joaquin Tadeo to adjourn the meeting. The Board unanimously approved adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Prepared by
David Chávez, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer

Approved Minutes of the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting, January 31, 2021.