Veronica Saenz, El Mirador Homeowners Association Secretary

Veronica Saenz, El Mirador Homeowners Association Secretary.

Veronica Saenz, Secretary, El Mirador Homeowners Association

ADDRESS: 109 Avenida Mirador Santa Teresa, NM 88008
PHONE: (915) 328-9448

Veronica Saenz was initially recommended by David Chavez, Jr. for appointment as Secretary to the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors. She seems to act as a rubber-stamp for the Board's corrupt agenda, neglecting her duty by aligning her vote with the President, rather than representing the interests of all HOA members. Notably, she has already refused to respond to an information request from Homeowner X.

This Board is comprised of like-minded individuals who consistently put their own interests ahead of the community's well-being. Their actions have ranged from ignoring simple information requests regarding the Association to selectively enforcing association rules. It's disheartening to witness such blatant dishonesty within our community.

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