David Ray Pierce, Candidate for election to the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors

David Ray Pierce, Candidate for the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

In the quiet subdivision of Santa Teresa, New Mexico, nestled beneath the desert sun, a shadowy figure emerges, seeking a position on the El Mirador Homeowners Association's Board of Directors, David Ray Pierce, El Paso Attorney at Law. The Association's Board has a reputation for corruption, and Pierce is their friend. He is running to join them, not to make things better for the community. He is married to Judith Pierce, a/k/a Ultimate Karen, who was once the Secretary for the Association.

This should be David Pierce's favorite song

Judi Pierce has the distinction of not attending meetings after being 'elected.' She attended only a single meeting, which took place on March 7, 2017, the day of the Association's 2017 elections. Following that, there is no record of her attendance at subsequent meetings; March 27, 2017 (meeting minutes: absence noted as Judith Pierce), September 19, 2017 (with no minutes available, which was proclaimed to be the fault of Judith Pierce during a meeting in February 2018), February 5, 2018 (absent: Judith Pierce), and March 6, 2018 (absent: Judith Pierce). For any officer of a corporation to miss 75% of meetings requires a level of commitment in itself, to negative consequences laziness and irresponsibility.

David Pierce's political ambitions, however small, are inspiring and could hardly be worse than Judi's 'service' to the community.

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For decades, the HOA board has been dominated by a faction that is synonymous with corruption. They have their fingers in every pie, from selectively enforcing rules to serve their own interests, giving the lucrative common area contract to their relatives and friends, to manipulating election and voting processes, ensuring their positions on the Board.

Instead of exposing their financial irregularities, unveiling their underhanded dealings, and rallying the homeowners with promises of transparency and fairness, Pierce is committed to helping conceal their darkest secrets. He represents everything bad in a candidate, has not offered any kind of statement at all to members regarding his candidacy.

Considering that current Board members Richard Doyle, David Chavez and Ventura Pena, who are also candidates for re-election in March 2023, fully control the entire election process from the ballots, method of voting and the collection and counting of votes, their re-election seems to be a foregone conclusion, as does the installation of their friend, David Ray Pierce, to the Board.

When candidates who are seeking re-election have significant influence over the voting process, it creates a conflict of interest. That they so willingly manipulate the process in their favor undermines the fairness and transparency of our elections. This leads to outcomes that do not reflect the will of the members.

To ensure the integrity of our elections, it's essential to have impartial and independent oversight of the voting process. This can help prevent any undue influence and ensure that all candidates are on a level playing field. Transparency and fairness are the cornerstones of a healthy democracy, and we must strive to protect them. We do not have that in the El Mirador subdivision. We have a corrupt Board of Directors with shady friends.

It doesn't seem ethical for an attorney to accept a board position he is certain has been obtained by fraud and deceit.

David Ray Pierce, Candidate has no Platform and makes no Statement to Members

David Ray Pierce, Candidate for the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors.