David Ray Pierce, Candidate for election to the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors

David Ray Pierce, Candidate for the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

David Pierce, Attorney at Law is married to Judith Pierce, Ultimate Karen. He recently announced his candidacy for election to the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors. Pierce's political ambitions, however small, inspire me.

This page and all its contents, links, attachments, references, statements, opinions and conclusions constitute a political broadcast by Homeowner X.

I read a book in my youth that contained a nugget of wisdom which I paraphrase here:

There are two reasons people do things:

  1. The reason they tell everyone, and
  2. The real reason.

I am certain of the reason for David's decision to seek election for Association Director or Officer, and am equally certain that things will not work out how it was imagined at the time. Everything seems plausible when you are in a drunken stupor. He probably will get "elected" because the election process here is manipulated by the Board and they are his friends.

My thinking is that in getting elected, David will have achieved a Pyrrhic victory of sorts. He certainly will have to recuse himself from anything involving me and my family. He and Judi have spent years engaging in open hostility against us, going so far as for Judi to say that she can't wait until she doesn't have to live in the same neighborhood as we do, with the implication that somehow we would be forced to move.

They appear to be signaling to me that they will never stop.

Allow me to introduce a new concept website, The Real White Trash of Santa Teresa,™ "You don't have to visit a trailer park to find white trash."

David and Judi Pierce don't like me. I suppose that extends to my family considering some of the things David and Judi have said over the years. Rather than leave us alone, they have engaged in a years long campaign of antagonization, taunting and defamation of me and my family.

They have never articulated to me what their exact problem is with us, just that they don't want us living next door to them, or even in their neighborhood. At one point we were friendly with each other, but that all changed when we asked that they stop using our driveway. Most people don't park in their neighbor's driveway hundreds of times, or tell their guests to park there. Even if they did, most people would not get mad if asked to quit. The Pierce's ain't most people, apparently.

The running theme of the Pierce's campaign against us seems to be that they are better than us. I intend to demonstrate that this is not true. If you are going to act like white trash, I will be more than happy to show the world that you are white trash.

I'd like to offer a piece of advice to people who consider themselves superior to others.

If you ain't actually better than everyone else its probably best you don't make a lot of noise that you are.
- Homeowner X

This is more along the lines of people in glass houses not throwing stones I suppose, but you probably get my point. I want to add another bit of advice to anyone who is currently, or plans to, pick on people they don't like, or just generally act like a bully.

Sounding dumb ain't the same thing as being dumb.
- Homeowner X

I say this because people should not aspire to be bullies but some do anyway. If you are going to be a bully, or just generally pick on people you think are lesser than you, be careful. You should probably pick on people who are incapable and maybe mousy; those that are unlikely to fight back, at least effectively. Personally, I take the approach that it's better to be a scorpion, they just want to be left alone so they can live their life. I picked up a scorpion one time and have never done so again. I learned a lesson that I still remember as if it were yesterday; leave scorpions alone.

So I say "Be the Scorpion."™ Make people regret targeting you to the absolute greatest extent possible.

This will be my policy going forward.

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