David Chavez, Jr., El Mirador Homeowners Association Treasurer

David Chavez, Jr., El Mirador Homeowners Association Treasurer.

David Chavez, Jr., Treasurer, El Mirador Homeowners Association

ADDRESS: 320 Avenida Mirador Santa Teresa, NM 88008
PHONE: 575 589-1200
EMAIL: dchav45121@aol.com

Chavez has been involved in HOA leadership from nearly the beginning. His household has profited financially for a number of years by him not paying Regular Assessments, also known as annual dues, and through 'common area maintenance' from dues paid by members. The exact amount seems to be a secret but likely amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. As Treasurer, Chavez is responsible for having liens placed against members property when they reach $720 in arrears.

Since apparently 2006 or before, Chavez has not paid annual dues. In the past, when confronted he lied about the issue. Neither of the below statements are true (taken from the minutes of a Board of Directors Meeting in August 2015):

The dues of the Treasurer are abated as per changes to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for El Mirador Subdivision enacted in August of 2006. This change was voted on by a majority of the Owners.


Salaried BOD members: Contrary to information being circulated, the Secretary of Board of Directors is not on a salary. The Treasurer’s dues are abated as approved by a majority vote of the Members of the Association in 2006. This change was made in recognition of the amount of time and effort that is necessary to maintain financial records, prepare invoices on a quarterly basis, receive monies on an ongoing basis, pay bills, prepare and make bank deposits, respond to inquiries from homeowners, title companies, lending institutions etc. Assist President with information needed to file and release liens and many other duties too numerous to list in this space.

Meeting minutes, EMHA Board of Directors Meeting August 4, 2015.
Meeting minutes, EMHA Board of Directors Meeting August 4, 2015.