Judith Pierce says the N-Word

Judith Pierce says the N-Word.

Judith Pierce, a resident and former Secretary of the El Mirador Homeowners Association (EMHA), appears to be comfortable saying the N-word, a racial slur. It would be appropriate to consider the circumstances to determine if it can be suitable for white people to use the epithet conversationally with other white people. Occasions such as this can be opportunities for learning.

If you are going to demonize others it probably would be better if you did not personally engage in bad behavior, such as saying the N-word.

There is a great amount of online discussion about the N-word, the people who say it, and what people who hear it being said should do. I am sure the issue is not the same for different races. Context is sometimes referred to as a mitigating circumstance, as is the race of the speaker. Dave Chappelle certainly has no problems saying the word, but he might not agree that Judi Pierce should be so casually using it.

Initially, this was not something I had considered appropriate for discussion on this website, but this evening someone placed online orders to several local Dominos Pizza locations, using this website's contact information and an iteration of my oldest son's first name with last names that incorporate what appear to be homosexual slurs. The use of Hispanic surnames also lends a racist element to the act, as my son is Hispanic. I consider this to be pretty despicable behavior. Without getting into the personality types of people who use racial and homosexual slurs, there are also the Domino business owners to consider, as they wasted time and effort making orders that would never be paid for, in this time of COVID-19.

People who engage in this type of behavior toward others should be called out, every time.

Fake Dominos orders, March 5, 2021.