Judith Pierce says the N-Word

Judith Pierce says the N-Word.

Judith Pierce, a former Secretary of the El Mirador Homeowners Association (EMHA), and the wife of David Ray Pierce, an El Paso attorney who the EMHA Board claims as the current Vice President, is very comfortable saying the N-word, a racial slur. The N-word has a deeply troubling history and carries with it painful memories of racial discrimination, slavery, and oppression. This article explores why the use of the N-word by white individuals is wrongful and offensive.

Judi Pierce has spent years demonizing her neighbors, who are in a mixed race relationship. Her use of racial slurs only serves to divide and perpetuate stereotypes and demonstrate the low quality of Judi's character.

Understanding the Historical Context

The N-word has been used as a derogatory term against African Americans for centuries. It was weaponized during slavery and became a symbol of dehumanization and racial hatred. Even after the abolition of slavery, the N-word continued to be used to demean and discriminate against African Americans during the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights Movement.

The use of the N-word by white individuals is wrongful because it perpetuates a history of discrimination, disrespects the experiences of African Americans, and hinders efforts to build a more inclusive society. As we move forward, let us choose our words carefully and work together to create a world where racial equality and respect are paramount.

The Power of Words

Words have the power to hurt, to heal, and to shape our society. The N-word is not just a collection of letters; it carries a weight of history and oppression that cannot be erased. When white individuals use this word, they contribute to the perpetuation of racial stereotypes and discrimination.

Promoting Respect and Unity

In a world that is increasingly diverse, it is crucial that we promote respect, understanding, and unity among all races and ethnicities. The use of racial slurs only serves to divide and perpetuate stereotypes. Instead, we should strive for open dialogue, education, and empathy.

Not Just the N-Word

Initially, this particular social issue was not something I had considered appropriate for discussion on this website. However, someone that I have reason to believe is part of Judi's family placed online orders to several local Dominos Pizza locations using this website's contact information. They also used an iteration of our oldest son's first name with last names that incorporate what appear to be homosexual slurs. The use of Hispanic surnames also lends a racist element to the act, as my son is Hispanic. I consider this to be pretty despicable behavior, but in keeping with Judi Pierce's low-rent qualities. Without getting into the personality types of people who use racial and homosexual slurs, there are also the Domino workers to consider, as they wasted time and effort making orders that would never be paid for, and this happened during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

People who engage in this type of behavior toward others should be called out, every time.

Fake Dominos orders, March 5, 2021.