Richard Doyle and his Donald Trump Sex Doll

I can legitimately call Richard Doyle a thief and liar. Prior to Saturday, I was only comfortable publicly calling him a liar. Now I am comfortable calling him a liar and thief as I have evidence of both.

Richard Doyle is the president of an HOA in the El Mirador subdivision of Santa Teresa, New Mexico. In a recent meeting he said he has been on the Board of the HOA in some capacity for 31 years. That's the equivalent of a male karen.

I don't like Richard Doyle and I oppose his candidacy for re-election for a variety of reasons; he is a liar, he is obnoxious, he improperly gives Association money to his friend Henry Trost, he manipulates Association elections and voting, he is misogynistic and probably a racist considering public statements he has made, at least those in his capacity as president of the Association.

I consider Richard Doyle to be a detestable individual in every respect. Watch here as he removes election flyers from our community postal service mailboxes. These are commonly used to post notices of general interest within the subdivision. I have even seen postings from people who don't live here that remained in place for weeks. Doyle is intentionally engaging in election interference as the Association's 2023 Board of Directors election occurs just a few days from now. He is censoring information intended for the Association's membership. He has no authority whatsoever to police notices posted to the community mailboxes. Those big blue Eagles on each side communicate that they are property of the U.S. Postal service. Members obtain keys to their respective mailbox from the U.S. Postal Office nearby.

There's no confusion who that box belongs to.

The Association has no right to remove notices posted on federal property or to restrict information that members choose to share.

If you think that Richard Doyle being in charge of the Association's election will result in fair and honest voting for the members you are seriously mistaken, or perhaps choose to be wilfully ignorant of his behavior. He has already improperly restricted member voting to only mail-in ballots. That is a violation of state law and of the community documents he is supposed to follow as president. Members are allowed to vote in person during the annual meeting for elections. Doyle and his faction have wrongfully decided to hold the annual election meeting electronically, denying members substantial voting rights. We are being forced to vote in a way that does not even exist within the community documents.

Having said that, I don't wish to belabor the point that Doyle is a despicable, hateful person who should not be re-elected in the upcoming election.

I want to discuss a rumor I heard about Doyle years ago that is certainly plausible considering the evidence at hand. This discussion is appropriate because Doyle is a public figure and a public official in our community with respect to his 31 years of seeking and obtaining various elected positions of the Association. This is certainly an appropriate topic for political broadcast.

A member of the Association and I were talking one day and the subject of Doyle came up. I was told that Richard Doyle had a life-sized Donald Trump sex doll that he kept in his garage. It's fairly common knowledge to anyone who has driven by his house when the garage door was open that there is a life-sized Donald Trump doll hanging there. He's not trying to hide its existence from public view.

So, like most people in the subdivision, I had seen the doll many times. It had not occurred to me that this might be a sex doll. I didn't even know they made Trump sex dolls. I am not sure if that's what Doyle has, or what model it is, but it turns out they do exist. I found a website that sells them, and it has some very serious features. I had no idea that things like ejaculation modules or erection levels existed.

However, I didn't really think about it much until one day when passing Doyle's house and he was wearing an eyepatch. This reminded me of something I read on the sex doll website.

There were warnings on the website about risk of eye injury when using the Donald Trump sex doll.

Now, don't get me wrong. Richard Doyle has every right as an American to possess a Donald Trump sex doll and to insert simulated Donald Trump penis into his orifice of choice in whatever order he chooses to do so. I don't want to hear about anyone making fun of him for exercising his right to simulated Donald Trump penis if that's what he wants to do. I mean it, I don't want to hear it.

They made a movie about a man who had a very real relationship with a sex doll, so this phenomenon is not unheard of or outside the realm of possibility. I don't know if Richard Doyle has a sex doll, or if he is in love with it, but if he is that's his business. I probably would not vote to have him as president of the Association, however. And let me explain why.

It is a fact that Richard Doyle has a life-sized doll in his garage of Donald Trump. I don't like or hate anyone enough to obtain and store a life-sized doll version of that person, and I think it is very strange that Doyle does. If he has a doll fetish then that's pretty weird, and I don't want some weirdo making important decisions that affect me and my family.

On the other hand, perhaps he suffers from agalmatophilia, which is the sexual attraction to a statue, doll or mannequin. If this is the case then that's still pretty weird, and I still don't want some weirdo making important decisions that affect me and my family.

So, let's recap tonights soliloquy. I oppose the re-election of Richard Doyle, current president and candidate for re-election to the El Mirador Homeowners Association, Inc. Board of Directors. He is dishonest. He has wrongfully compensated his friend, Henry Trost, more than $200,000 of Association funds in the last 6 years. He manipulates the election process and actively denies members substantial voting rights.

Richard Doyle, and his faction; David Chavez, Jr. and Ventura Pena, need to be removed from the Board and any committees. Every problem that exists in the Association today is the direct result of their poor judgement.

What we need is an entirely new Board made up of honest individuals who are willing to make the Association into something that serves the members, and not just a few people who live here.

Member apathy is a big problem and simply results in increasing dues each year with decreasing benefits to the members. The bulk of the money goes to Henry Trost while the common area is a dump and is in worse condition than it was six years ago. Each member needs to decide what is in their best interest and vote. Having 10 or 20 people decide every election means that 70 people are not participating at all. This needs to change.