David Pierce, Attorney at Law

In the suburban El Mirador subdivision of Santa Teresa, New Mexico, tensions have flared as David Pierce, an El Paso, Texas attorney, and his wife Judith Pierce, a karen, find themselves embroiled in controversy, accused by Homeowner X of creating a hostile environment against his family. The situation is particularly contentious due to the Pierce's close involvement with the corrupt Board of the El Mirador Homeowners Association, including its President, Richard Doyle.

Through the Pierce's connections with the corrupt HOA Board, confidential documents regarding Homeowner X and his family have been given to the attorney. These documents have added fuel to the already fiery dispute between the couple and Homeowner X, who claims that the attorney and his wife have deliberately created a hostile enviornment in their neighborhood, which include racist and disparaging statements made by Judi Pierce. David Pierce even utilized one of these confidential documents as 'evidence' in a cease and desist letter numbering around 100 pages.

The Pierce's have made numerous derogatory statements intended to demonize Homeowner X, causing tension within the small HOA community. Their disparaging and demeaning statements represent a high degree of irony and hypocrisy, as David Pierce was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in El Paso, Texas in May 2015. His case was referred for prosecution, but was eventually dismissed after a series of resets occurring over more than a year. David Pierce enjoys a position of privilege as an attorney, escaping consequences for driving while intoxicated while others, lacking privilege, face punishment. To repurpose a phrase Judi Pierce made regarding Homeowner X, her husband is "no stranger to law enforcement."

This raises questions about the ethical conduct of the attorney, the HOA and the boundaries of legal and personal disputes within Santa Teresa's tightly-knit subdivision.

David and Judi Pierce Driving a Golf Cart with No Lights on McNutt Road at Dusk
David and Judi Pierce Driving a Golf Cart with No Lights on McNutt Road at Dusk.

In another example of extreme irony, David and Judi conspired one evening in this sleepy subdivision nestled along the Texas-Mexico border to have Judi's daughter Brittany smuggle prescription drugs from Juarez, Mexico into El Paso, Texas and then use Federal Express to overnight the drugs to their home in Annapolis, Maryland.

Watch the video Smuggler's Blues and decide for yourself.

The federal government and the states of Texas, New Mexico and Maryland all have laws criminalizing conspiracies. New Mexico has Section 30-28-2 NMSA 1978, Maryland seems to tie conspiracy to the specific crimes attempted, MD Code, Criminal Law § 1-202, and 18 U.S.C. § 371 is the federal conspiracy statute. It is unclear whether the conversation might run afoul of Texas Penal Code § 15.02. Criminal Conspiracy. It would be almost certain for a small amount of drugs which can be easily purchased in Juarez, but that are illegal for import into the United States, to enter through one of the border crossings in El Paso, Texas.

David Pierce, Attorney at Law.