Luis Chavez, EMHA Director

Ventura Pena, El Mirador Homeowners Association Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair

Luis Chavez, Director, El Mirador Homeowners Association

ADDRESS: 48 S Trevino Road Santa Teresa, NM 88008
PHONE: 520 313-5404

Luis Chavez is a listed Director of the El Mirador Homeowners Association. Inc., presumably having been elected by the Association members. There does exist evidence that the current EMHA leadership manipulates the annual elections to affect their outcomes, and so the reality of elected versus directed outcome is questionable, at best.

Within ninety days after being elected or appointed to the board, each board member shall certify in writing to the secretary of the association that the member:

  1. has read the community documents;
  2. will work to uphold the community documents and policies to the best of the member's ability; and
  3. will faithfully discharge the member's duties to the association.

Mr. Chavez, however, has expressed ulterior motives for joining the Association's leadership that conflicts with the certification he signed and demonstrates a dishonesty that seems to fit in very well with the other Board and Committee members.

Dishonesty in service to one's self is not an honorable endeavor. Allying one's self with a known group of dishonest and disreputable people demonstrates either poor judgement or poor character.

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