The El Mirador Homeowners Association (EMHA) is in Santa Teresa, NM.

The Association improperly held what was supposed to be the annual member meeting for electing directors and officers on March 7, 2023, with Bianca Romero of Dana Properties managing the Zoom meeting. However, almost no one was allowed to attend the meeting. It was altogether improper and the election failed because no actual voting occurred during the meeting. They did not even bother to establish quorum.

At any rate, no one ever accused Richard Doyle or David Chavez, Jr. of being honest people, at least not around me. They will continue to operate improperly for now. I want to welcome David Pierce, Richard Doyle, David Chavez, Jr. and Ventura Pena as public and political figures in our community and look forward to the next year.

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This website is dedicated to exposing corruption, dishonesty and hypocrisy within the El Mirador Homeowners Association (EMHA), located in the El Mirador subdivision of Santa Teresa, NM, as alleged by Homeowner X. This member website is not affiliated with the El Mirador Homeowners Association, Inc.

If you want to know why Homeowner X's yard looks the way it does, ask Richard Doyle via email or phone (575) 642-2692 or Henry Trost via email or phone 575 874-9100.

If they refuse to answer then ask any other member of the EMHA Board of Directors or its committees. They have refused for years to provide the family with a design review, denying the provision of housing services for no stated reason and with no resolution. The Board wants the yard to look bad so that other residents will dislike the people who live there, refusing to allow the yard to be landscaped under threat of a $100,000 fine.

It seems unusual that no one has asked EMHA why they will not allow the yard to be landscaped. It would be perfectly reasonable to request, from any EMHA Board or committee member, a written decision regarding the Association's refusal to provide Homeowner X a design review. These things are not supposed to be secret.

Under the law, homeowner associations must act in good faith and provide homeowners reasonable, fairly applied rules and enforcement procedures. In particular, association rules and decision-making must not be discriminatory or otherwise selectively enforced. Rules and procedures must also be properly enacted and easily available to all homeowners.

EMHA does not deliver any of these, making no effort to be transparent, reasonable or fair. The Board and its various committees act as if everything is a secret. Further, in violation of state law, they maintain no records for many acts of the Board or of committees acting on its behalf. State law requires "complete records" to be maintained.

For example, the Board spent more than $17,000 to have the streets sprayed with sealer. There is no record of the vote, no records of the vendor selection process or of payment(s) made and to whom they were given. When this information was requested, in writing, it was ignored by EMHA.

The EMHA Board does not like answering questions, especially about how they are spending money. They also very deliberately prevent supervision of the largest expense we have, common area maintenance. Coincidentally, the recipient of these large cash outlays is EMHA Board's friend and sole vendor, Henry Trost. He also happens to be the Design Review Committee Chair.

There is a growing mountain of evidence that the El Mirador Board of Director's loyalties are not to the members of the Association, but rather to Henry Trost and to themselves. By acting in ways that benefit themselves or their friends at the expense of the Association or its members (shareholders) the El Mirador Homeowners Association Board of Directors, individually and severally, are in breach of their duty of loyalty.

If a dishonest, disreputable group of like-minded people will conspire and act to assist their friend and sole vendor to essentially steal $100+ per month in trash collection services, why would you think they would not steal from you? The premise that Association members somehow benefit from this scheme is false. Ask any Board member that it be explained, in writing, how their trash scheme benefits anyone other than Henry Trost. Consider this, Trost is compensated for trash disposal through the Common Area Maintenance Contract, while he uses the Association's ATV and fuel to dispose of trash into resident's trash cans. You are paying extra for him to profit more. Literally 30% or more of his "common area maintenance" is driving around putting trash bags into trash cans.

Homeowner X is resolved to fight the Association's wrongdoing in every way possible and expose the acts of EMHA Board and Committee members. This website is part of that promise.


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